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Necessary hairdressing furniture for waiting room and luggage room in hair salon

Październik 31 2016

furniture for hair salon

Interior design in hair salon consist of many elements, which are the key to successful management in hair salon.

Hairdressing furniture:

- reception desk,

- sofa,

- coffee table,

- cosmetics expositor (cosmetics for purchase by clients),

- clothes hanger or closet.

Waiting room need to be placed, which will separate the hair salon into two parts, with this right one. This division will be very important, to avoid confusing the customer. The most important here will be among other things, a sofa and a small table on which you can put a cup of coffee or a newspaper. Of course, it is worth to remember about wardrobe or clothes hanger.

Expositor or shelf is a good idea for hairdressers who sell cosmetics. The customer will have a chance to acquaint with its offer. In waiting room it must be a reception desk. This element may be forgotten, but still very important and must be taken to consider. It is important to remember that all of this is a flagship and fully raising its prestige. This also a good thing for customer, who can find out about services and cosmetics in one place.


Reception desk in every salon is miscellaneous in terms of look, size and therefore it can be also proper matched to interior.

The waiting room should be well separated from the main part in hair salon to not confuse the customer. The most important will be here a small sofa and a small coffee table where you can read a newspaper or drink cup of coffee.

Also remember about wardrobe or clothes hangers - handy especially when it is rainy season.

Expositor or shelf it is a pretty good idea when hairdresser is planning to sell cosmetics, which it use in every day of work. It is a good opportunity for customer to get knowledge about the offer.

Necessary hairdressing furniture:

  • hairdressing labor,
  • sink,
  • laundry basket.

Close to the wash area need to be prepared a place to store the products. It will be also necessary to have a zone for labor with sink and a special basket for laundry. In a cabinet with convenient access to roomy shelf, you can store all the accessories and products. It should be space for preparing cosmetics treatments on the big professional table top.