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Hairdressing furniture – which one if not smooth?

Listopad 2 2016

hairdresser's chair

The majority of styling chairs and washers in salon has currently very smooth imitation leather. However, classics solution are being replaced by different and brave solutions. It appears pressed imitation leather.

Suitable furniture to hairdressing salon makes a huge difference, because it can improve aesthetics of the interior and make, that it will be more practical. Most people, when they are buying a furniture to the salon, they suggest by color and lump. It turns out that an increasing number of customers thinking about it, to contact directly the shops and pick their own specific forms of private wishes. Among other things they are choosing mixed texture of imitation leather, which is becoming increasingly important. It is no wonder then, that almost every manufacturer is currently seeking such solutions to its offer. Polish manufacturers decided to make the offer squashed imitation leather. 


Ayala company 

The company Ayala presents here the type of solution as part of Italian artificial leather. In our opinion, the polish pressed imitation leather are being characterized by high quality. They are thicker than the standard material ones. The quality of their design will not leave comments even demanding users. Not every client can wait a few weeks to receive their dream furniture. Customers who are less patient can get styling chair and washes made from imitation leather, which will be squashed like crocodile skin. That kind of products are already available off the shelf and manufacturers are bring them to the offer.

Which hairdressing salon we recommend such furniture?

They will be suitable for places, where furniture can play the main role. Great compose with a simple decor, which will consist of bright colors. That kind of furniture are very important in small sized salon, where it can always be efficiently combine with the individual elements. Small spaced salon, which fit in only basic equipment will be able to be prepared in the moment when it is used for furniture such imitation leather.