Professional hairdressing furniture

Professional furniture in hairdressing salon - part II

Listopad 4 2016

comfortable chair

The professional styling chair should have a hydraulic pump.

It allows to customize proper height to individual client. The base is a matter of taste. The five-pointed base is lighter without any doubt and it`s moving is much more simply. However, the disc or the square has a very elegant look combined with a great stability.

Styling chairs

Each chair must have a comfortable seat. Keeping them clean should be easy and shouldn`t cause any problems. The arm rest cannot be too high. As a result it won`t be difficulty whilst hairdresser`s work. The light colored chairs should be cover by specialist foil during the hair dyeing. The light and colorful materials are getting dirty and discolor much easier then the dark ones.

Hair salon sinks

Another obligatory element of salon is a wash. This place is not only purpose to washing hair. It also about a head massage and other beauty treatments that required to dedicate a little more time. Because of that, the wash should be very comfortable. It is worth to placed on the side, where we can find a little privacy. For small salon the perfect solution turns out to be a free-standing wash with added professional styling chair.

chair with sinks

It is a good choice to have a small sized washer with attached seat already. If we have a large space it is ideal solution to placed a few washer, which will be integrated with comfortable armchairs with regulated height of footrest. Close to the wash zone and hairdresser station it can be placed a labor. It have a big sized work table top and sink. It is a perfect place where hairdresser can store all necessary for him to work cosmetics and accessories. The cosmetics can be prepared in this place as well.

Hairdresser reception

The reception and waiting room in hairdressing salon are places which cannot be excluded. It is worth to remember they are some kind of a flagship. Reception desk needs to be not only pretty, but above all functional. We should find there a computer, documents and cash register, which must be placed in a safe side. In a small salon it is also a possibility to have a small reception point. Find the best salon reception desk on

In the waiting room cannot miss a comfortable couch, coffee table and stand hanger on customer clothes.