Professional hairdressing furniture

How to choose the professional furniture to the hair salon?

Lipiec 12 2017


Proffesional hair salon furniture

Nowadays, the most important things for clients, while choosing their hairdressers are his or her skills and good customer approach. However, to draw the attention of as many people as possible, it is also relevant to create a well-designed hair salon, which will look both professional and appealing. It is not an easy task, but with a little bit of effort, the result may be really satisfying. And the first thing we should think about, while creating such space, is to buy professional furniture, that are durable and functional.

Hairdresser’s worksite

The essential space in every hairdressing salon is the one where the hairdresser actually works on the clients hairdo. That is why, we should remember that it should be a spacious zone, in which the hairdresser can move and work freely. But apart from that, there should also be necessary pieces of furniture, such as for example hairdressing chairs and styling units. 

The chairs should be of course very comfortable, as we need to make sure that our clients will feel relaxed. Styling units, that can be installed on the wall or situated as the free-standing ones, should have big mirrors and some kind of a shelf. That way, the client will be able to watch the work of the person who cut or style his hair, and the hairdresser can place any necessary accessories on the unit. It is good solution to choose the styling unit that is equipped with electric socket and even the footstool, but as a matter of fact they can be bought separately. 

Besides the shelf of the styling unit, the hairdresser should also be able to use the special trolley. That way, he or she can easily move things around the whole hair salon.

You should also make sure to buy a really comfortable backwashers, as many clients complain about that. The head massage and washing of the hair should be a pure pleasure and not a torture, so you need take some time to choose the right equipment of that kind.

The reception and the waiting room

Another important spaces where professional furniture is needed are the reception and the waiting room. They are often combined into one zone, and it is the first thing that every client see after he or she enters the hair salon. That is why, the reception desk needs to be aesthetic and match the style of the rest of the place.

When it comes to the waiting room, the most important element of it is usually a comfortable sofa, where clients can rest and relax. There should also be a small coffee table with magazines on it, to entertain them while waiting for their appointment.