Salon equipment

Beauty salon equipment

Październik 13 2016

beauty salon

It is good to prepare a business plan before opening the beauty salon. It need to consist the business expanses mostly on cosmetics, equipment like furniture, electric equipment and bills and approximate income.

As for the equipment should there be things as:

Salon furniture:

Cosmetic bed: there are variety of process, but it could be even more than 10 thousand Pln. It  depends on the material, size, manufacturer, or bed`s functions;

Stool Treatment 100 - 500 PLN; Chandelier: 100 - 1000 PLN; Mirror: 100 - 1000 PLN;

Clothes hanger: 50 - 300 PLN, to be prepared for our customers coats, who are waiting for treatment. That kind of hanger may be free-standing or installed to the wall. Next to it should be a stool, styling chairs or armchair. It will be the place for things and belongings, which cannot be hanged. Also, the clothes hanger can be behind the screen, where the client will be able to find a sense of security and intimacy.

armchair and other furniture

Stool, armchair, or chair 50 - 500 PLN, one hanger`s wheel, two near the desk;

Desk: 250 - 1000 PLN is a key element that will enable us to fill out documents

Table Treatment - helper, which costs up to 700 dollars. It should be on wheels and the should have the drawers where you will be able to fit in everything what is needed.

Locker under the sink - 500 - 1000 PLN; Standing cabinets - inside all the products for sale to show

Chest of drawers - 300 - 2000 PLN to hide all disposable measures and cosmetics that we use. It may be one large, but it seems that it will be practical to several smaller elements of this type.

To be fully prepared for opening the salon we need to: do the renovation, equip the hairdressing salon, toilets, backwash units, social rooms, waiting area and workplace for employees. Renovation is an individual matter, because every room requires other work which will need to be done. If we want to have detailed information how much everything is worth and cost, we need to look for professional builder, who will explain everything to us and say what kind of solutions will be best for every location.