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Hair salon and the hygienic matters

Lipiec 31 2017

hygienic matters in hair salon

When you decide to open your own hair salon, at the beginning you concentrate mostly on such things as its location and design. But as you delve further into that subject it turns out that you have to deal with a lot more. You need to fulfill many requirements, such as those concerning the hygienic side of the business. At the beginning you may feel overwhelmed by all that paperwork, but it is not as complicated as you may thought. You just need to get to it as soon as possible.

What are the sanitary requirements for the hair salon?

Before you start designing your ideal hair salon, you should learn more about the sanitary requirements that apply to such businesses. All the necessary information should be found in the regulations issued by the Minister of Health, and that is exactly where you need to look for it. In such document you may found the specific list of all the sanitary requirements that apply to hair salons, but also to beauty parlours, SPA and wellness salons and even tattoo salons. In the past, such requirements were quite restrictive, but fortunately it changed and today you have less to worry about.

hairdresser studio zones

Every hair salon needs to be divided into few zones. You should have a separate spaces for dressing room and waiting room, even though they are not required by the law. However, they are really convenient and your clients will definitely appreciate such conveniences. What is more, there should be zones of sanitary and hygienic facilities, both for customers and employees. It means that there need to be a room for washing and dying hair, but also a sink with hot and cold water, where all the accessories and supplies will be washed. You also cannot forget about the trashcan of appropriate size. The room in which the whole equipment is stored, should also have a backwash area. 

The sanitary-epidemiological station’s inspection will concentrate not only on the arrangement of particular zones, but also on the disinfection and sterilization processes and theirs frequency. So you should really prepare for that too. This is very important, because even if your hair salon is ready to serve the customers, you cannot open it until it is meticulously checked by the sanitary-epidemiological station.

That is why you should learn more about the sanitary requirements, before you even start to design your hair salon. That way you can prepare the whole place perfectly, according to the legal provisions, and start providing hairdressing services right after the inspection.