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Hairdresser’s salon from hygienic side

Październik 31 2016

sanitary station

Sanitary-epidemiological station 

Not only is the location important. On the beginning it is good to check whether the salon fulfil the criteria eg.: sanitary requirements, health and safety law and construction law. If you want to run the business in particular place you must have a permit from the Provincial Sanitary Inspector. To do this within 14 days of establishment, owner need to prepare application form, which will contain all the information regarding the premises and the conditions. The requirements that apply to hairdresser’s salon will be found in the special regulation of the Minister of Health. It refers to the specific sanitary requirements, which comply with hair salons, beauty parlour, tattoo studio, wellness and SPA salon. These requirements are less restrictive than it used to be and that is why it is easier to find a unit, without higher restriction.

Salon should be located in a separate building or premises. What is important, entry for customers need to lead from the main road and it cannot be connected with spaces, which are not part of the hair salon. In hairdresser’s salon it has to be a few zones. It should be a dressing room, waiting room, sanitary and hygienic facilities for customers and employees, room for cleaning supplies or waste trashcan.

sink with water
Sanitary law do not require having reception desk and waiting area, but still it is good to have that in hair salon. It should also be a place for washing and dyeing hair. Necessary is sink with hot and cold water. The walls must be covered with easily washable and waterproof material. In the room where it will be held equipment also should be sink (backwash area). It is important to think on the beginning how will look like the issue of disinfecting the places in hair salon.

During the inspection, sanitary-epidemiological station will check how often taking place is the disinfection and sterilization process. If we want to serve non-alcoholic drinks in hair salon owner need to fulfil the special requirements. If the hairdresser’s salon is already prepared for the opening, we must face the fact that you will have to get through the control of sanitary-epidemiological station and only after confirmation from it you can start providing services.