Professional hairdressing furniture

Professional furniture in hairdressing salon - part I

Listopad 2 2016

proffesional furniture

Nowadays appearance of salon is very important, because this is the first thing, which can attract client to come in. But only a good hairdresser can keep friendly relations with their clients and make they want to come back again.

On the first line we need to think what kind of possibilities we have to create a professional salon. The size and facilities are the key to successful beginning. It is necessary to plan water access or an electric patch. It is even more important when we dispose very small space to manage in. That is why it should be thought wisely.


The most essential are: hairdresser`s worksite, wash place and space for cosmetician, who is doing professional beauty treatments. There are many options how to create your own salon. In every place demand for those services are different. That is why all salon`s should find the best solution, which will work for them successfully.

hairdresser's consoles

The worksite should be as much comfortable and spacious as possible that every hairdresser could use work easily enough. It is must to have the special furniture with mirror and shelf, called styling units. Of course, they should be picked suitably to space and style. For example they are free-standing ones (good solution for big rooms) or those one, which are installed on the wall.

There are many types of styling units with mirror installed on the wall and at the same time they are the most useful. The ideal type should have a shelf, well prepared electric socket and footstool. Not every model has special shelf, but it is not a big problem. Hairdressers are equip for shelf where the client`s can put their personal belongings.

Electric socket can be placed on the wall or next to the mirror. Footstool can be separated from styling units as free-standing element. It`s very important to organize your work station. The whole equipment should be placed close to mirror station as it easier way to do the services without any necessary problems.

It is also very good idea to prepare special trolley, which is always a great solutions to move things from one place to another. Additional on it, is good to have special shelf with accessories for hair dyeing like: bowls, foil or brushes for hair use.